Lindsay Mac’s “Animal Again” EP Delights

lindsaymacLindsay Mac’s true talent shines through with the new EP “Animal Again,” out in the coming weeks. Though only consisting of 4 songs, the record has a lot to hold on to, and is a listen-worthy release. Lindsay Mac has overcome physical ordeals in the past year, which led her to switching up the way she performs and writes music. Straying away from the folk roots in which she once made a name for herself, Lindsay lets out her inner pop diva to carry her new found skills into the spotlight. The lead single “Remember,” was the exclusive first look into the EP and it is filled with pop laden hooks and melodies. Title track “Animal Again,” and first song on the EP, lays down the tone for what is to come on the album. A pleasant surprise at every turn, the use of synths and her vocals prove to be the two most dominant elements.The EP takes a slight turn with the toned down track of ‘Back to Us,” but does not take away from the overall experience of the album; it is an added bonus, one which shows Lindsay Mac’s rage.

Lindsay Mac’s ‘re-birth’ is certainly working in her favor. “Animal Again” helps her music career come to full circle.

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