Jamie xx Announces Tour Dates In Support Of In Colour


In anticipation of the forthcoming release of his highly anticipated debut album
In Colour (released June 2 on Young Turks), Jamie xx has announced details of the In Colour Tour. The extensive set of global headline dates features Jamie’s biggest solo shows yet, taking in the likes of New York’s Terminal and London’s O2 Brixton Academy venues.  The full tour is listed below.

Pre-sale tickets are available from 10am on Wednesday April 29. To be eligible for presale tickets, fans can sign up at http://www.jamiexx.com/#follow before

1pm EST/10am PST on Tuesday April 8. Tickets then go on general sale on Friday May 1. In addition, Jamie will be performing at festivals around the world over the coming month, including the likes of Sonar (Spain), Hard Summer (Los Angeles), Melt (Berlin), Pitchfork (Chicago), Rock En Seine (Paris), Parklife, Wildlife, Bestival, Greenman and Reading & Leeds (all UK). For the full set of shows, head tojamiexx.com/#shows

BEAUTY PILL NEW ALBUM Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are


Washington, DC-based Beauty Pill will be releasing their new album  Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Aron April 21, 2015 via Butterscotch Records. The album hasn’t been officially announced yet but I did want you to have a chance to listen and dig into it ASAP.  Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are was recorded in public in an art gallery after band leader Chad Clark survived a rare and typically fatal heart disease.  The end result is a deeply personal political album that combines the experimental side of indie rock that Beauty Pill was heralded for during its tenure with Dischord Records with wholly new layers of electronics, beats and samples.”  I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this one and discussing coverage in the coming weeks.



Leading to the release White Prism shared the single “Shake You Off” and NY Times T Magazine said the track “features cool, breathy vocals that float above a bed of icy, angular synths and syncopated beats, simultaneiously harkening back to 80s dance pop and conjuring something strangely futuristic.” READ their Q&A here.  Wild Honey Pie said “The track moves quickly from hook to hook – the kind of song that would be a straight forward pop song if not for it’s undeniable weirdness. The video highlights these quirks that make the song so interesting. It’s dark but still makes you want to dance.”  Watch the video for “Shake You Off” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2xSiPw0Bgg

Sit Kitty Sit’s “Everlasting Fire,” is Beyond Memorable


Sit Kitty Sit’s “Everlasting Fire” has been making its rounds among the indie circuit for the past few months. The duo, which consists of Kat Downs Gaudette and Mike Thompson, show no sign of slowing down…and with good reasoning.

Currently based in San Francisco, CA, their unique brand of Rock n’ Roll, entices with a sound that straddles the line of classic rock, hard(er) rock, and a sprinkle of indie. Armed with just a piano, a drumkit, and a remarkable set of vocals from Gaudette, these are only a handful of things that set the group apart from their San-Fran cohorts.

On “Everlasting Fire,” the record is filled with 15 tracks that provide a stunning experience within every listen. The lead single from the album, “Birmingham,” was more than enough to draw my attention to the record. Gaudette’s vocals are a burst of fresh air that is soulful and powerful. Key tracks on the record that standout to me include the sultry and classically sounding “The Pulse,” the beautifully crafted “The Abyss,” and the jaunty “New Religion.” The mixture of tracks on the record are striking; each piece fitting like a perfect piece into the Sit Kitty Sit puzzle. Sit Kitty Sit proves that this fire, is indeed everlasting.

Listen & Purchase: Sit Kitty Sit

Put Your Records On: Michael Stec


At The Great Record Chase we strive to get inside the heads of prominent new artists, and what makes their musical nerves tick. Over the course of several months we have been putting together a project in which a selection of new artists on our radar have put together an editorial. This consists of musical influences that formed, shaped, and brought to life their sound. There has been an impressive amount of new talent that has come our way since starting this website back in the Fall, and we want to take everything to a whole new level.

Today we sit down with singer-songwriter-indie-pop-mastermind, MICHAEL STEC, straight out of Philadelphia. His brilliant new single, “Party Dress” has been making the rounds in the blogosphere, creating quite an impression among listeners. Dive in and check it out!

Name three albums or artists that influenced your musical styling you play today and why they are important to you.

Bright Eyes

John Mayer

The Strokes

Connor Oberst’s lyricism, John Mayer’s jazz chords, and Julian Casablanca’s moxy.

What made them so influential to you? 

Probably had a lot to do with the age I was at when listening to them.

When did you first discover them?

Grade school. I remember finding “June On The West Coast” on a set list my brother had made on a hand me down iPod(funny that that’s actually a thing) and listening to it every night falling asleep for weeks

How did they help form the music you play today?

I think i sort of unconsciously emulated john mayer’s style of singing because I was told so often that I sounded like him. I was never big on the comparison but if the shoe fits.I really love Oberst’s writing. I don’t think I’ve ever brushed upon his genius but it’s always what I’m quietly aiming for. I remember watching the music video for “last night” and just thinking “shit, I wanna be that guy”.

Meet The Leeway; Brooklyn Band Gets Live with New Video

the leeway

The Leeway are a promising new band from the depths of buzzworthy Brooklyn. Not another run-of-the-mill band, they are headed by creator and songwriter, Pedro Barquinha, a Portuguese musician. Pedro Barquinha writes all of the music for the band, and his songwriting skills are showcased in their new live video for “If Only,” which was made at Bunker Studios in New York. Not only does Barquinha have a talent for songwriting, but his use of instrumentation and vocal arrangement also shine through in the “If Only” video. With this project Pedro takes elements of Folk music such as dense vocal harmonies and an acoustic instrumentation of banjo, mandolin, guitar, bass, and piano and then add intricate arrangements to the mix. In 2014 the band released their debut self-titled 6 track EP which was recorded at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn. In this intimate video of the song “If Only”, Pedro went back into the Bunker Studio where the EP was recorded and performed his song solo at the piano.

Watch The Leeway “If Only”