Meet The Leeway; Brooklyn Band Gets Live with New Video

the leeway

The Leeway are a promising new band from the depths of buzzworthy Brooklyn. Not another run-of-the-mill band, they are headed by creator and songwriter, Pedro Barquinha, a Portuguese musician. Pedro Barquinha writes all of the music for the band, and his songwriting skills are showcased in their new live video for “If Only,” which was made at Bunker Studios in New York. Not only does Barquinha have a talent for songwriting, but his use of instrumentation and vocal arrangement also shine through in the “If Only” video. With this project Pedro takes elements of Folk music such as dense vocal harmonies and an acoustic instrumentation of banjo, mandolin, guitar, bass, and piano and then add intricate arrangements to the mix. In 2014 the band released their debut self-titled 6 track EP which was recorded at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn. In this intimate video of the song “If Only”, Pedro went back into the Bunker Studio where the EP was recorded and performed his song solo at the piano.

Watch The Leeway “If Only”



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