Sit Kitty Sit’s “Everlasting Fire,” is Beyond Memorable


Sit Kitty Sit’s “Everlasting Fire” has been making its rounds among the indie circuit for the past few months. The duo, which consists of Kat Downs Gaudette and Mike Thompson, show no sign of slowing down…and with good reasoning.

Currently based in San Francisco, CA, their unique brand of Rock n’ Roll, entices with a sound that straddles the line of classic rock, hard(er) rock, and a sprinkle of indie. Armed with just a piano, a drumkit, and a remarkable set of vocals from Gaudette, these are only a handful of things that set the group apart from their San-Fran cohorts.

On “Everlasting Fire,” the record is filled with 15 tracks that provide a stunning experience within every listen. The lead single from the album, “Birmingham,” was more than enough to draw my attention to the record. Gaudette’s vocals are a burst of fresh air that is soulful and powerful. Key tracks on the record that standout to me include the sultry and classically sounding “The Pulse,” the beautifully crafted “The Abyss,” and the jaunty “New Religion.” The mixture of tracks on the record are striking; each piece fitting like a perfect piece into the Sit Kitty Sit puzzle. Sit Kitty Sit proves that this fire, is indeed everlasting.

Listen & Purchase: Sit Kitty Sit

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