11700e69-2fcd-4e60-a3c9-93277b3b3072Recent Montreal to Los Angeles transplant Cafeine is excited to share a video for the title-track off his recent album New Love (Indica Records). “New Love” premiered via

Death & Taxes earlier today who said, “listening to the melodies and words of (“New Love”) it’s obvious Cafeine eschews many of punk’s conventions both musically and thematically to arrive at something optimistic and affirming.”

Cafeine is  Montreal native Xavier Cafeine, whose first two albums Gisele and Mal Eduque Mon Amour, are considered classics in the Quebec underground punk scene. With his newest effort New Love, the singles  “Electric,” “New Love and “Lettre D’Amour” can be heard blasting across the dial back home. Given New Love

was largely written by Xav and produced (by Gus Van Go) in New York City and he now calls LA his home way from home, the time has come to introduce Cafeine below the border.

As a multi-instrumentalist who wrote and performed all of the tracks on New Love, Xav expands: “I really want to push my musical boundaries, explore a wider spectrum, return to what I love about writing and recording. We often try to define music into styles and categories. My music has been described as garage, glam, punk, and pop. Whatever. I always found it a bit simplistic. I am a musician first and foremost.”

Watch the video here: 

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