Craig Greenberg Breathes New Life Onto the Stage with Release Show at Rockwood Music Hall NYC


Show Date: May 16, 2015
Venue: Rockwood Music Hall

On a lovely Saturday evening, May 16, we watched Brooklynite Craig Greenberg take to the stage at Rockwood Music Hall. Having been a fan of his new single, the foot-thumper, “That Girl is Wrong for You,” I was immediately enticed and intrigued by his musical passion that flows throughout. The show at Rockwood Music Hall was the album release party for his new LP, “The Grand Loss & Legacy,” which is a must-listen for this Spring.

The Rockwood was nicely filled this evening, with a warm reception in tow. Greenberg took to the stage like and old pro. His years of touring and crafting records are most certainly noticeable, and shines through with his stage presence. Playing selects songs from the record, he put on a show that could easily be put on in a big-name arena. His vocals were filled with energy, and on key. His piano playing is smooth and beautiful, fitting in perfectly with his vocal work. Somber yet playful, which is something that is very hard to pull off; especially in a stage setting I imagine.

Highlights of the evening for me included “I Hope You Understand,” and “I’m Coming Around.” Greenberg’s backing band is also to be noted. They fit Greenberg like a glove. With tight harmonies, and astounding playing, it was like heaven. Another piece that stood out to me that evening was “Wanting to Hear.” I feel like this was one of the most epic performances of the evening. It even reminded me of vintage Elton John, which is a HUGE compliment by far. Greenberg really wailed on the piano during this song, creating an explosion of sound, which struck my ears like a hammer.

In a city of literally thousands of musicians, Craig Greenberg stands out as one of New York’s finest. If you have the chance to see him live, do not hesitate. Your ears will thank you.


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