Continuing the countdown to the release of their upcoming album Ruckers Hill, Husky have now shared the album track “Heartbeat” which premiered viaConsequence of Sound earlier today.
“The finger-picked acoustic guitars and lofty harmonies all emulate an Appalachian aesthetic. Gawenda even muses on sunsets and hillsides. The music becomes more hectic whenever he mentions manmade works like trains and highways, as though the modern world is some kind of villainous character. It’s a yearning for simplicity in a time where that can be hard to find.”   Consequence of Sound on “Heartbeat”
The band will be streaming Ruckers Hill in its entirety on Tuesday, June 2 and this week have revealed a new track from the album each day.
Yesterday Husky shared “Mirror” and  IndieShuffle  said, “the song is a slower-tempo, simple folk track that does well to capture the band’s evolving sound.” Baeble described  the earlier released “Arrow” as beginning “with tribal drums and dreamy guitars, which sets the tone for Husky Gawenda’s elegant and whimsical vocals. The song builds deliberately, with the guitars and harmonized vocals trading off, and hitting a stride about two minutes in with a hook-driven chorus that drives the song.”  Earlier this Month The Wall Street Journal shared the video for “Drunk.’ and previous to that Husky make available the single “Saint Joan,” which you can buy here.

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