Chatting it up with Year of October


Nashville’s Year of October will be taking the stage this Saturday (6/6) at The Green Bar Lantern in Kentucky. We were able to chat with the band leading up to the show, which you should definitely check out if you’re in the area (And we suggest that you do!). Their bluesy vibes will usher in the weekend nicely. – James Lavesque

Lexington is glad to have Year of October back. What’s your favorite part of playing in Lexington, or Kentucky in general?
Playing in Kentucky is always fun because it is where Josh and I grew up. I was in the Western KY area and we love going back there because we get to see and play for a lot of my friends and family. Josh grew up in Lexington, and we both went to college there at UK (which was where we met). So it is always great to go back to where we started and see his family and friends that he has known for years and played in other bands with. People in both areas are supportive of original music and we always have a lot of fun atthe shows. Also we really like playing at the Green Lantern in Lexington and JP’s Bar and Grill in Paducah.  Both places really treat bands well and put on a lot of great shows.
How did you hone your live stage skills?
I feel like we are always working on our live stage skills. The more comfortable that we feel on stage thebetter our show is going to be. I know Josh grew up watching bands like Led Zeppelin and Nirvana and I great up watching singers like Norah Jones and old soul singers like Aretha Franklin. So I’d say that we both try to channel those influences. It’s interesting playing in a rock band because each night our stage is different and the way that we react to the songs is different.
Your sound transcends different genres. What genre feels most like home, especially in a live stage setting?
Blues/Rock is our go to. We have the most fun playing this genre and really get into it in a live setting. Folkier acoustic performances can be fun as well, but I feel that our songs are meant for a more rock setting.
Being a well-traveled band, what is your favorite part of being on stage? Playing in front of audiences?
I think seeing and hearing the audiences reactions to songs is my favorite part. I love writing music and knowing what the songs mean to me, but when you get on stage and put those songs out there for other people you get to feel the crowd get into the song or react to it.  I also love the hush that comes from a crowd of people who are enjoying a song, like during a quieter part when no one is talking and you just look out and see everyone staring back.
The songs on the new record are very well written and thought out. How do you take those songs and mold them for your live set?
We really just had to try out some different things live and see if they worked.  We would try playing a softer song full band in practice and just see if it felt right.  “Spell On Me” is an example of one of those that we play full band live but was just vocals and guitar on the record.  Some of the songs have a completely different feel from how they were recorded.  Pretty much all the changes we have in songs live are slight changes or even little additions, just things that we now hear differently that we did while recording.  We are starting to write again and this time we are trying to play the songs out more to get a better feel of them before we hit the studio. We try to make the songs the best they can be and will continue to work with them in a live setting. 

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