BZRK Gets Deep with “Crop Circles”


Nashville based BZRK come to life on their new record “Crop Circles” which has been making its rounds on the internet. The buzzworthy new release has just spawned the video for the first single, “Interpersonal Ethic,” a superb introduction to many to the group. The underground Hip Hop trio bring together elements that are smoothly combined, creating a brilliant sophomore release. The album, out now via Jeffery Drag Records, brings a cutting edge sound to a longtime genre. They’re unique and ahead of the game. The beats are the record, supplied by member Cropsey, are hard-hitting and captivating…even if you aren’t a fan of Hip Hop. It’s psychedelic, it’s indie, it’s an explosion of sound. Alongside stunning narrative that increasingly tells a story throughout, what we hear is a cohesive group bringing together key elements to make “Crop Circles” a package deal.

BZRK has created a noteworthy release with “Crop Circles” which brings a game changer into the world of underground Hip Hop. In short, it’s a brilliant record that should be put on your map for 2015.

Watch: “Interpersonal Ethic”


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