Up Close and Personal with PRAVADA; The Band Takes on Brooklyn Tonight 7/27

pravada new

Indy-born PRAVADA are slated to play their second NYC area show tonight, with a performance at Brooklyn’s Cameo Gallery. The three piece made up of Jesse Lee, Hubert Glover and Casey Tennis will certainly enliven the stage with their raw and catchy indie pop that has been making waves the past several years. Recently I had the opportunity to speak with drummer and founding member, Casey Tennis, from the band regarding their live experiences.

New York City is glad to have Pravada back. What’s your favorite part of playing in New York / Brooklyn?

The people definitely. Every time we meet amazingly interesting people. Oh, and the food!! New York and Brooklyn may be the only places on tour were we can afford real food. We have had wonderful meals for $4!!

How did you hone your live stage skills?

I did a lot of theater growing up and started playing drum set live around fifth grade. We all toured endlessly when we were in Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s. but I think the thing that helps the most is picturing Prince digging our music and giving me the thumbs up.

What are your favorite songs to play live. What piece feels most like home, especially in a live stage setting?

“Someone Else” has been so locked in lately. People seem to love it from the first note. For me it’s a sexy swinging aggressive dance fight. It’s great. Other stand outs for me are “Teacher” and a new song called “3/4.” We get to do fun harmonies and use dramatic dynamics.

Being a well-traveled band, what is your favorite part of being on stage? Playing in front of audiences?

When you can change someone’s mood in two and a half minutes. Let’s say- we load in sound check and I’ll notice someone at the bar looking depressed. Then we play and they’re up dancing and yelling. I like making people feel better.

How do you take the songs from your records and mold them for your live set?

Sometimes it takes quite a bit of effort. We usually have to rearrange the orchestration a little. Pick the parts that are the most important to the song. Sample the miscellaneous keyboard or sound effects and just find a way to pull it off. It is one of my favorite parts of playing live.

Monday, July 27
Cameo Gallery
Brooklyn, New York
Doors: 7:00pm
Ages 21+


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