Put Your Records On: The Autumn Stone


At The Great Record Chase we strive to get inside the heads of prominent new artists, and what makes their musical nerves tick. Over the course of several months we have been putting together a project in which a selection of new artists on our radar have put together an editorial. This consists of musical influences that formed, shaped, and brought to life their sound. There has been an impressive amount of new talent that has come our way since starting this website back in the Fall, and we want to take everything to a whole new level.

Today we sit down with James Cassidy, who makes up half of New York’s The Autumn Stone; a psych-rock dream. Currently their debut record, Beautiful Freaks, is an enticing introduction to the band, with a hazy new video in tow for “Vampires.”

Dive in!

Watch Now: The Autumn Stone “Vampires”

Name three albums or artists that influenced your musical styling you play today and why they are important to you.
James- Syd Barrett, Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse), Brian Wilson –  To me lyrically and musically three of the best songwriters of all time. They were all so incredibly inventive and innovative with their instruments, and words
What made them so influential to you?
Brian’s arrangements are some of the best ever recorded. All of these artists evoke a certain melancholy which I guess I sort of struggle with myself. Also, the way they sing. They were unconventional singers (not counting Brian of course) and I felt maybe I could sing too,  even if I didn’t sound like Brian Wilson or Robert Plant.
 When did you first discover them? How did they help form the music you play today?
My father got me into The Beach Boys when I was a kid,  I heard Sparklehorse on amazon.com when I used to buy CDs a million years ago. They recommended Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot based on what albums I was looking at which were mostly The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev and Home. I got into Syd through being a Pink Floyd fan,  you know, the ignorant kind who only likes or is aware of The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon. I read an article somewhere about Piper at The Gates of Dawn and went out to Tower Records and bought it. It blew my mind. From there I bought his solo stuff which to me is even more impressive. All of these bands seep through and influence my music all the time.



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