Well-Known Strangers – “Another Sun”

WellKnown Strangers is Joe Adamek (guitar/songwriting), Betsy Ade (vocals/songwriting), Roger Gower (drums), Sacia Jerome (cello), Jon Wolf (guitars), and John Kulas (bass guitar, guitars). Joe is the band’s creative spark, introducing songs and guiding band’s overall artistic direction, though Betsy is an essential creative foil. Her songwriting and rich lyric gifts are essential in the band’s overall sound and direction, and her vocal delivery is unmatched. Members of the alt-pop collaboration have collectively played well over 250 shows around the Midwest, including Chicago-Metro, Milwaukee, Madison, Rockford, and Minneapolis. The group mines a sophisticated but accessible sound that recalls Goo Goo Dolls, Mumford & Sons, 10,000 Maniacs, Brandi Carlile, Annie Lennox, Rusted Root, and Matchbox 20.  Distinguishing WellKnownStrangers from those bands are the one-two punch of Betsy’s vocal power, sass, and swagger, and Sacia’s classically trained cello playing. Together the band creates a powerful sound that will keep drawing you back in.

WellKnown Strangers – “Another Sun”

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