Put Your Records On: Fractal Control

fractal control

At The Great Record Chase we strive to get inside the heads of prominent new artists, and what makes their musical nerves tick. Over the course of several months we have been putting together a project in which a selection of new artists on our radar have put together an editorial. This consists of musical influences that formed, shaped, and brought to life their sound. There has been an impressive amount of new talent that has come our way since starting this website back in the Fall, and we want to take everything to a whole new level. This feature will be regularly occurring on our website, so make sure to check back often.

Listen Now: Fractal Control “Starved for Change”

Today we sit down with Mike Louttit, the man behind Fractal Control.  Fractal Control is an instrumental artist, just releasing the debut “Disconnection Equals Freedom.” His latest single “Starved for Change” is the first single being shared from the record of this up-and-coming new artist.

Let us sit in on this session:

Name three albums or artists that influenced your musical styling you play today and why they are important to you. 

The three biggest influential artists for me would be System of a Down, Death, and Buckethead. I discovered System of a Down when I was around twelve or thirteen and they were the first band I really got into. I had never heard anything like them before or since for that matter. Around that same time I started writing songs on guitar so they definitely helped shape my sound and writing. I think they are one of the most original bands ever and I always looked up to that and aspire to have my own sound.

What made them so influential to you?

When I was about fifteen or sixteen I discovered Death which became, and still is, one of my all time favorite bands. I started getting into heavier music around this time and although Death is considered one of the first death metal bands they are also very technical. Chuck Schuldiner who fronted the band was a phenomenal guitarist and his style and playing have always been a huge inspiration to me. One of their songs “Voice of the Soul” is an instrumental songs with just guitars. That song is what inspired me to start writing instrumental music and I’ve been doing that ever since.

When did you first discover them?

When I was about nineteen I discovered Buckethead who is an incredible guitar player who also does mostly instrumental music, but he can play just about any style of music. He can shred as good as anyone but he can also play very tasteful acoustic material and anything in between. Listening to him inspired me to write in styles other than just heavy music.